Top 10 smallest country in the world and smallest country of each continent.

First of all, we will know about the top 10 smallest country in the world. After then, we will know about the smallest country of each continent. You know that, there are 7 continent in the world (Aisa, Afrika, North America, South America, Antarctic, Europe and Australia). So you can understand that, in all those continents be a smallest country and a largest country. We will know about smallest country of each continent. After then we will compare which is the smallest country in the world and which is the largest country in the world. We will also know that about smallest country in the world by population.

Top 10 smallest country in the world

Let’s come to know about top 10 world’s smallest country. The list of top 10 smallest country is given below, which help to you understand easily.

Country area
Vatican City 0.44 Europe
Monaco 1.95 Europe
Nauru 21.10 Southern Pacific ocean
Tuvalu 26.00 Southern Pacific ocean
San – Marino 61.00 Europe
Liechtenstein 160 Europe
Marshall island 181 Middle Pacific ocean
Saint kitts & Nevis 269 North America
Maldives 298 Asia
Malta 316 Europe

top 10 world’s smallest country

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Smallest country of each continent

Now, we are going to know about smallest country of each continent. The list of all smallest country in each continent is given below. At first we knows that what is world’s smallest country by population. The Vatican City is world’s smallest country by population.



Area km2 Smallest


Asia 298 Maldives
Afrika 458 Seychelles
North America 269 Saint Kitts and Nevis
South America 163,820 Suriname
Antarctic Nil No Country
Europe 0.44 Vatican City
Australia 21.10 Nauru

smallest country of Asia

Aisa is a largest continent in the world and Maldives is smallest country in the Asia with 298 square kilometer area. Maldives is made with 1200 small and large islands. Maldives is located in South Asia and it is the lowest country in the world it’s hight from the sea level only 2.4 meter. The currency of maldives is called “Maldivian rufiyaa“. You will be surprised to know that, Maldives is smaller than India but 1 Maldivian rufiyaa is equal to 4 Indian rupya. Total population of Maldives approximately 400k and 96% people of this population is muslims but it is believed that, all the people followed Buddhism before AD 1200. Male is the capital of maldives whose area is 5.8 square km.
Maldives is richest country in the South Asia. Tourism is the main income source of Maldives. this country in very popular for tourism in the world. The government of Maldives and its anti party makes a lot of controversy but it does not affect tourists. So Maldives is very safe country for tourism.
Maldives is a country that does not require visa to visit. This is the only country in the world that done a cabinet meeting under the sea to awareness the people in 2009. Maldives is a very literate country where 98% people are educated.

Smallest country of Africa

After the Asia, Africa is second largest continent in the world and ‘Seychelles‘ is the smallest country of the Africa with 457 square kilometer area. Seychelles is made with 115 small and large islands. Seychelles is located in indian osian it’s hight from the sea level only 2.4 meter. The currency of Seychelles is called “Seychellois rupee” and 1 Seychellois rupee is equal to 3.47 indian rupya. If you are indian then you will be happy to know that, president of Seychelles “Wavel Ramkalavan” is an indian who belongs to Bihar.
Victoria is the capital of Seychelles which is smallest capital in the world. English, French and Seselva are official language of Seychelles. Fish and rise are favorite food of Seychelles. Let’s know about Seychelles tourism. Seychelles is very safe and calm place for tourist. Mahe is the largest island of Seychelles which total area is 157 square kilometer. Mahe island is located on 33% of part of Seychelles. The capital of Seychelles is located on this island itself.

Smallest country of North America

Saint Kitts and Nevis is the smallest country of North America with 269 square kilometer. It is part of Caribbean county and it is located in Caribbean sea. Saint Kitts and Nevis is short form of “Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis” which derives from the common english nickname in 1600. But it seems that the name was given through a mapping error and the original kitts island 32 km northwest. With only 1300 hurricanes. The island of Saint kitts and Nevis are home to a large population of vervent monkeys. Basseterre is one of the smallest capital in the world. Since it founding in 1627, it has been destroyed many times earthquakes, wars, floods, riots and hurricanes.
Capital city of saint Kitts and Nevis is Basseterre and currency is “East Caribbean dollar”. It’s gained full independent from the UK in 1935. Economy of country are depend on agriculture, tourism and small manufacture.

Smallest country of South America

Suriname is a smallest country in the South America continent with 163,820 square km. In 25 november 1975, Suriname gained full independent from dutch. This country is called the republic of suriname. Population of this country is approximately 600k and literacy reate is 93%. The official language of this country is Dutch. Along with Dutch language English, Hindi, Sranang Tongo, Caribbean Hindustani, bhojpuri and Javanese also spoken in this country. It is Christian majority country. There are 22% Hindus and 13% Muslims living here. 28% population of Suriname are indian 13% Javanese who come from Java island. The native of here are some clan as Arawak, The Carib and Surinen. Corantijn River is the longest river of Suriname, Here is another river called suriname which is also called Sriram river. Suriname’s capital is Paramaribo and it’s currency is Surinamese dollar. 1 Surinamese dollar is equal to 10.11 indian rupees.
Suriname is considered to be the most cultural country of South America. Here get to have glimpse of Indian culture. People from India were brought to suriname as “Girmitiyan Majdoor”. There is a lot of Hindu temple located in this country.

Smallest country of Antarctica

There is no country on Antarctica continent. There’s no coastal plain in the continent because snow is frozen up to the coasts. you must know that Antarctica is that continent who fully located in southern hemisphere.

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Smallest country of Europe

ooh well, finally we reached our maim topic that, what is the smallest country in the world. So it’s answer is Vatican CityVatican City is the smallest country of Europe and it is also smallest country in the world. it’s area is only 0.44 square km. Vatican City is located in the heart of Rome (Italy’s capital). iIn spite of that, the Vatican City known as independent country. Its capital is Vatican city and it’s currency name is Euro.
It is believed that, many years ago, the Vatican City was a Hindu temple. The word Vatican is derived from the Sanskrit language Vatika.
Even thought the Vatican City is small country but the railway line was laid here in 1930. St Petersburg Church of Vatican City is included in the World Heritage by UNESCO. Vatican city also have a it’s own radio station which is broadcast in 20 languages. The official language of Vatican is Latin. The Vatican is a complete monarchy country.

Smallest country of Australia

Top 10 smallest country in the world

Nauru is a smallest island country of Micronesia, northeast of Australia. It world’s third smallest country. It is the only country which have no capital. Nauru was inhabited by Micronesia and Polynesia about 3000 years ago. After first world war, Nauru became a member of the Commonwealth administered by Australia, New zealand and UK. After second world war Japanese soldiers captured Nauru. And finally Nauru became independent in 1968.The main religion practiced in this country is Christian. Weightlifting is the national game of this country. Nauru is known as richest island in the world. The official language of this country is English and the currency is the Australian dollar. There are no any river in this country. 

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