Steve Wozniak Predicts Bitcoin Will Rise To $100,000

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has invested a large amount in Bitcoin and expects cryptocurrencies to grow due to high public interest in them. Programmer Steve Wozniak said during the Steve-O’s Wild Ride podcast that he entered the Bitcoin market quite early. He was not going to make money from cryptocurrency, his goal was to research a new asset. If you wish to make your own researches – follow our lead with

Wozniak added that he likes to follow the price movement of an asset, whether it’s a stock or cryptocurrency. At first, I bought bitcoin out of curiosity.

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“I bought a lot of bitcoins at the beginning to understand how to play with this new asset, how to buy them online? And I figured it out! How to buy them in other countries and how to buy a donut for them in another country? How to find an ATM that works with your Bitcoin? I wanted to experiment and learn about all this, and then Bitcoin took off. I freaked out and sold all my bitcoins leaving only 1 BTC. “My goal is to play and experiment, not to make money,” Wozniak said. He has been through a bull market twice since investing in Bitcoin. “Twice Bitcoin went up and made money.” Wozniak believes that the price of BTC will rise even higher and reach the six-figure mark. “Very soon, I think Bitcoin will reach $100,000. I don’t know where I got that feeling from. I can’t put any math on it. I just really feel for it because of the general interest. The interest in cryptocurrency is so high that I transferred more money to the Coinbase wallet.” Track all the bitcoing movements with bitcoin 360

Steve Wozniak believes in Bitcoin’s growth potential, but he doesn’t understand altcoins and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). “The number of people being scammed on other cryptocurrencies and NFTs is simply outrageous. Bitcoin is safe because it is a large asset. It is stable. Conservative thinking: you pick the big ones and they’ll be around and Bitcoin is stable.” This year, Wozniak has criticized cryptoassets, including meme cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens, calling most of them fraudulent.

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