Mistakes to Avoid during  Online Course Creation 

With the advancements in science and technology, online course platforms are growing rapidly.  For how to sell online courses effectively and expand your business, following the right professional strategies are important. Some online educators make mistakes that affect online course creation and sales. Let us read some of the commonly made mistakes and the right steps to follow.

Some commonly made mistakes 

  1. Not researching and planning properly

One mistake that can stop the success of your online course is poor research and planning. When online course creators don’t research what is going on in the market, what is in demand, and what not, they might select a topic that is not suitable or needed for students. This can lead to major financial losses too. When online educators don’t have any plan of action, the online course created is not effective and becomes monotonous too. It is important to research the course topic, the niche, and how many will be interested to buy and later plan, prepare and invest accordingly. 

  • Follow this: Make sure to do the research, check your competitors, and plan accordingly to create the best online course. 
  1. Inappropriate pricing

The budget plays an important role in the education business. Today there is a tough competition going on in the learning field. New courses on the same demanding topics have been launched every single day. If your online course will be expensive, the learners and parents will surely go for the courses that are cheaper compared to yours. Or even if some students will join, they might drop off in between due to financial stress caused. This can make you lag. Therefore, smart working, and using affordable resources to establish cost-effective educational courses and products are important. 

  • Follow this: Be financially supportive, and make sure to generate profits by developing a budget-friendly online course. 
  1. Poor course promotion

We discussed above that there is a cut-to-cut competition going on in the online education field. To reach out to the target audience better and make them prefer your course only, quality promotion is important. Many course creators make the mistake that they don’t decide on a budget or don’t stick to the budget. 

Because of this, they don’t have enough investments to make in promotion and marketing. For how to create an online course successfully, simultaneously making a promotional plan is equally important. You have to think about how to generate more sales, how to make learners interested in your course, which platforms to select for promotion, and more. 

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  • Follow this: Invest rightly to do quality promotion. Use social media platforms and influencer collaboration to reach out to your target audience. 
  1. Not giving sufficient academic services

If your online course doesn’t offer proper academic services, it fails to meet customers’ needs and expectations. For example: 

Not having standard study material: in online education, study material holds a lot of importance. When students don’t get quality study material, audio-visual tools, and more, they will face academic understanding issues and may drop off your course in between. Long-term associations and future deals are not possible if standard study material is not created for learners. 

No demo class facility: before joining online courses, many students first prefer taking demo sessions to make the right decisions. When your online course doesn’t give a demo class facility, customers might go for the other options available. 

Not having parent-teacher interactions: no matter whether elementary classes or higher learning programs, parents always want to see how effective their child is at academics. If your online course doesn’t include parent-teacher interactions, the sales of the the the the the the course will be affected. 

  • Follow this: Make sure to provide students with an effective learning experience by providing quality academic services.

Tips to keep in mind while creating an online course

  • Take feedback from students, conduct surveys

To sell online courses better, taking students’ feedback is important. You can ask students how effective the current teaching practice is, and what more they expect. These questions can be asked in demo sessions or you can conduct surveys via online mode on your course website. Analyze the results, see where you are lagging and what more can be done for improvement. 

  • Effective planning and the right investment

The main purpose of designing an online course is to sell it and generate profits. If first, you invest in expensive tools, platforms, and promotions and later don’t get enough customers, financial losses can take place. So be smart, plan well, and invest rightly so that you can generate a decent amount of profit for financial growth. 


By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out the common mistakes during online course development. We also discussed some tips that online educators should follow to create and sell online courses successfully. 

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