Why Should You Buy Genuine Maruti Swift Spare Parts?

Maruti Swift, a hatchback car, made its foray into the car market in the early 2000s. These types of cars had low sales back then. Failing to catch the eye of car enthusiasts. Maruti Swift altered the car market domination substantially since its inception. 

A hatchback car, like Maruti, was now being bought by both first-time and seasoned car owners. What set it apart from the rest? The attractive design and good speed of Swift had made it a household name. Everyone desires to own a swift presently. 

Why shouldn’t it be so? You have a myriad of options to choose from amongst the Swift cars. Each caters to the style, safety, and smooth travel wishes of millions.

When you have picked the Swift as your car choice, can you lag in your ownership of the car’s spare parts? You certainly wouldn’t. Resort to swift spare parts from boodmo.com. Especially after reading the following points that emphasize on the importance of having genuine spare parts:

Fits Your Car

 Since genuine spare parts are curated just for your car, you need not fret about the fitting of the spare part. Valuable time spent on searching for spare parts first and then checking the accurate size is reduced. You can simply search and opt for genuine car parts at one go!

Compliant With Your Swift’s Speed 

The Maruti Swift has advanced features that make it one of the fastest cars. These features function as per expectations because the whole design help in achieving the feat. You can’t go out of the box and buy a spare part unrelated to your Swift’s design. Speed was one of the factors which made you wish for Swift. You are not going to ruin your experience while driving by settling down for sub-par spare parts.

Can Be Replaced If Turns Out Faulty

Genuine auto parts have guarantee periods. You can change a faulty spare part within a stipulated time if there is some manufacturing problem in it. As for non-genuine spare parts, there is no guarantee of replacing faulty spare parts. Leave alone guarantee. Generally, the sellers are unwilling to admit the fact that there is some fault in it.

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Quality Is Top Notch

Your car parts functioned properly for a considerable amount of time. You can lay a bet on the quality of genuine swift spare parts too. After all, both car parts are being made with the same technology. Enhancing the same features of your car.

Genuine Spare Parts Are Tested First

Care is taken to test the spare parts very extensively before giving them a place in your car. These tests are conducted multiple times in several ways. Taking note of the quality of even the smallest elements like nuts and bolts is a must during these trying times for spare parts.

Safety Is Ensured

The automotive companies making non-genuine spare parts do not have a good name in the market. Neither do they have a zeal to make it through and reach the top. Their only target is to cater to people willingly buying cheap products. Can you trust their production? 

Advanced safety features come with the cost of using good quality materials. Genuine spare parts make no compromise on quality even if it means shelling a good amount towards the production. You are ensured of the airbags working in case of any untoward incident. This is not the case for non-genuine spare parts.

Lasts Long

The genuine spare parts are made with extensive care. Unlike non-genuine spare parts, you can expect these components to last for a good amount of time. Just like your original respective car part did.

Saves You From Expenditure

A non-genuine spare part tends to stop working abruptly. That too, at very short notice. This compels you to purchase another spare part instantly. If you are on the web of non-genuine spare part makers, you are going to make these unnecessary purchases indefinitely. 

A genuine automobile spare part is asking you to spend money for a single time. You can use the car part for a substantially longer time than the fake counterparts. Saving you from spending money cascadingly.

Gives A Good Resale Value

A car having genuine spare parts is going to grab the eyeballs of a car purchaser. Just in case you need to sell it in the future. You will get a good amount for your car if the spare parts are of top quality. An occurrence that can be guaranteed only in the case of genuine spare parts.


You have toiled hard to get your favorite car-Maruti Swift. Are you not willing to take efforts in ensuring its quality and performance even after getting new spare parts? There is not much to do to ensure it is a blessing in itself. Just head towards Boodmo and get the genuine spare parts that you and your car deserve. 

A car is a good investment to make for safeguarding yourself from future financial troubles. Your Swift is going to become an asset if you take care of the quality of spare parts fitted in it. You can even sell it for a good price to receive additional money for financing your next swift model purchase.

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