What Is Identity Certificate In Passport?

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In the realm of international travel and documentation, passports serve as crucial identification documents. However, some individuals, particularly those residing in certain regions or facing unique circumstances, may require an alternative document known as an Identity Certificate to facilitate their travel. In this blog, we’ll explore the significance, purpose, and essential aspects of the Identity Certificate in relation to passports, shedding light on its role and application in the realm of global mobility.

What Is Identity Certificate In Passport?

An Identity Certificate is an alternative travel document issued by diplomatic missions or consular offices to individuals who are unable to obtain a passport from their country of origin or residence. It serves as a substitute for a passport in certain situations where passport issuance may be challenging or not feasible.

Purpose And Situations Requiring Identity Certificates:

  • Stateless Individuals: People without a nationality or individuals unable to obtain a passport from their country of origin may require an Identity Certificate to facilitate their travel across international borders.
  • Refugees or Displaced Persons: Individuals who are refugees or displaced persons, facing challenges in obtaining passports due to their circumstances, may be issued Identity Certificates by diplomatic missions or relevant authorities.
  • Special Circumstances: In some cases, when a passport is lost, stolen, or expired while abroad and obtaining a new passport is not feasible, an Identity Certificate may be issued to ensure the individual’s ability to return to their home country.

Components And Validity:

  • Contents: An Identity Certificate typically contains the holder’s personal information, a photograph, and details such as their nationality status, date of issue, and validity period.
  • Validity Period: Identity Certificates usually have a limited validity period, allowing individuals to travel for a specific duration or until they can obtain a regular passport.

Application And Issuance Process:

Individuals seeking an Identity Certificate must apply through the relevant diplomatic mission or consular office of their country. The application process may involve providing supporting documents, proving identity, and explaining the circumstances necessitating the issuance of the Identity Certificate.

Limitations And Considerations:

  • Restricted Travel Rights: Identity Certificates may come with limitations on the countries an individual can travel to or restrictions on the activities they can engage in compared to regular passports.
  • Use as a Temporary Document: They are generally considered temporary documents meant to facilitate travel until a regular passport can be obtained or circumstances allowing passport issuance change.


The Identity Certificate in passports serves as a lifeline for individuals facing challenges in obtaining or replacing regular passports due to unique circumstances. While it allows travel across international borders, it’s essential to understand its temporary nature and limitations, making it crucial for individuals to explore passport issuance options as soon as possible to ensure unrestricted global mobility.


What Is The Meaning Of Identity Certificate For Passport?

(a) No. Identity Certificate (IC) is akin to a ‘No Objection Certificate’ required to be submitted by any Passport applicant who is working in a Government Office/Public Sector Undertaking/Statutory body. This is issued by the Administrative Office/Controlling Authority of the employee where he/she is working.

What Is An Identity Certificate?

A certificate that provides authentication of the identity claimed. Within the National Security System (NSS) public key infrastructure (PKI), identity certificates may be used only for authentication or may be used for both authentication and digital signatures.

What Is The Meaning Of Certificate Of Identity?

A certificate of identity, sometimes called an alien’s passport, is a travel document issued by a country to non-citizens (also called aliens) residing within their borders who are stateless persons or otherwise unable to obtain a passport from their state of nationality (generally refugees).

Which Identity Proof Is Required For Making Passport?

Proof of age (Birth Certificate, School Leaving Certificate, etc.). Proof of address (Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, Electricity bill, etc.). Proof of nationality (Birth Certificate, Voter ID card, etc.). Self-attested copies of the first two and last two pages of your old passport (if any).

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