What are the points to be considered before buying a flat in metropolitan cities?

Investors and homebuyers presently choose Gurgaon to buy flats. People for rental accommodations are also heaping here. They are eagerly waiting for Dwarka Expressway connectivity to enrich their lifestyle more. That’s why the prices of flats have been increasing. Most of the educated and skilled people are coming here for better employment. Thus this city changes into one of the major employment hubs in India. Even NRIs target Gurgaon to invest in flats. 

Why is a 3 BHK flat in Gurgaon?

The Indian real estate market has recently seen fast-paced growth. Today, buying a 3 bhk flat in Gurgaon has become very easy with the help of many bankers and governmental policies. We often have confusion about choosing a 2 bhk or 3 bhk flat. However, nowadays, a 3 bhk flat is a must for most of us due to the migration of our relatives from various places. The pandemic situation made everyone work from home that needed a separate room to do office work. So, having your flat or rental accommodation meets all your needs. 

The best place in Gurgaon to buy/reside 

Sushant Lok is a neighbourhood of Gurgaon which is popular among buyers and rentals. The beautifully planned township is the main reason for its popularity. Here are some reasons why people choose Sushant lok for rental accommodation and a flat purchase.

  • Social Infrastructure: When people look out for rental accommodation or property here, they find the essential social infrastructure nearer to them. They can reach out to malls, retail stores, and markets within an accessible distance. Many famous hospitals are there to serve the residents 24×7. 
  • Eco-friendly: Many trees are lined up on both sides of the road to maintain the environment green. It brings a natural and serene look to the place at all times. 
  • Transport: The availability of public transport to Sushant Lok is higher than in other areas in Gurgaon. As many buses are operated throughout the day, less or no crowd is at the bus stops. 
  • Connectivity: Sushant Lok is well-connected with the proper roads connectivity via the Gurgaon Mehrauli Road with Delhi is good to travel. Another is Delhi Metro Rail Corporation helps many metro stations to serve this area.

So, for the above and many reasons having a 3 bhk flat in Gurgaon, Sushant Lok is considerable. 

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Why is Pune best for a flat purchase?

Pune, the second-largest city in Maharashtra, is India’s second prime IT hub. It stands at the top for automobile and manufacturing also. This city proudly occupies many boarding and international schools. In the same way, it covers many colleges, universities, and institutes. Pune serves hugely in commuting in the forms of buses, trains, flights, and cabs. You can see people on the roads around the clock. Many buyers invest in a 1 bhk flat for sale in Pune, considering all the said amenities. It is affordable even for a middle-class family.

If you are the person looking out for a flat purchase in Pune, please consider the following points before your booking.

Reputation: Before buying a flat, please be careful to note the reputation of the builders. You should always scrutinise the quality and durability of buildings. Please verify whether you bought a property from a certified builder. Verifying these points helps avoid any risks or legal issues in the future. 

Possession: Nowadays, long delays are happening to possess the flats. As builders do not execute the plans properly, such delay occurs. However, as a buyer, you should talk to your builder regarding the completion time. Usually, some developers may ask for a 6 months grace period to hand over the key. You always try to claim a valid reason for the delay. 

Extra and hidden charges:

Please read all the clauses of the documents in detail, especially the penalty clauses. Try to understand them. If you do not understand any clauses, talk to your builder for a clear explanation or approach a lawyer for clarity. The builder has to pay you a monthly penalty if he fails to hand over your flat within the grace time. Keep in mind the extra charges such as home loan processing fee, registration fee, GST, stamp duty, and miscellaneous. 

Carpet area:

Generally, a property or super built-up area is the entire area, including elevator space, wall thickness, shafts, stairs, and others. But, the carpet area indicates the actual area within the flat walls, and it can be 30% less than the built-up area. We can see in some cases that the price of the common spaces is shared between two owners when a floor is shared. 

So, soon after seeing any advertisement like 1 bhk flat for sale in Pune, do not invest immediately. You should carefully examine all the points, and finally, you may decide. 


We have discussed the purchase of a flat or rental accommodation in Gurgaon and Pune cities. Yes, they are metropolitans who always stand first to occupy. We may even find no flats to buy or take for a rental in the future. So, always discuss with reputed builders, invest with them, and enjoy your place forever without any chaos.  

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