Unsure about home loan approval? These super moves will boost chances

The majority of people who want to buy a home today will need to take out at least a 30 Lakh Home Loan EMI in order to make their goal of becoming a homeowner a reality. If you want to get your application for a house loan approved, the first thing you need to do is make sure you meet all of the eligibility requirements for the loan, which include things like your age, income, credit score, the location of the property, and your ability to make payments. 

So, increasing your eligibility for a 30 or even 40 Lakh Home Loan can be accomplished by implementing the following suggestions, which are listed below:

Make a larger margin money payment

According to the standards established by the RBI, house loan lenders are permitted to finance up to 75–90 percent of the value of the property (referred to as the LTV ratio). This indicates that the borrower is required to deposit a minimum down payment of 10–25 percent. It is recommended that rather than arranging just the bare minimal down payment, a larger contribution from your own money is made because this demonstrates greater financial responsibility. 

Your loan eligibility for 30 Lakh Home Loan will improve when you make a larger initial contribution toward the purchase of the property in the form of a down payment. 

Take a co applied home loan

Home loan applications are frequently denied for a variety of reasons, some of the most common of which are inadequate income, a low credit score, a high ratio of existing debt to income, etc. When this occurs, it is necessary for borrowers to take steps to improve their eligibility for loans in order for their subsequent application to be accepted. One strategy that can increase the likelihood of getting a 40 Lakh Home Loan approved is to apply for a combined mortgage with another person. 

This strategy works best when the co-applicant has a consistent income, a high credit score, and the capacity for repayment. In addition, including a co-applicant in the loan application process may even make it possible to obtain a larger loan amount. In addition, the majority of lenders provide home loans with interest rates that are lower than average when a woman is either a co-applicant or the first loan holder on the mortgage.

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Choose longer loan tenure to boost eligibility and approval chances

Borrowers frequently lean toward selecting a shorter tenure when they are looking to swiftly finish repaying their loans rather than stretching the process out over a longer length of time. However, many fail to comprehend that shorter loan terms result in higher monthly payments (EMIs). This can have a negative influence on the borrower’s ability to repay the 40 Lakh Home Loan due to the higher EMI amount, and it can also reduce the borrower’s loan eligibility. Instead, it might be wise to choose for a loan with a longer repayment period. The longer the term of the loan, the cheaper your monthly payments will be; this will ensure that the EMIs are reasonable in relation to the borrower’s income.

Even if you have the financial ability to pay higher EMIs for 40 Lakh Home Loan through a shorter tenure, it is more prudent to choose a longer tenure and then either make part prepayments or foreclose the loan whenever you have accumulated surplus funds. This is because a shorter tenure will require you to pay more interest over a shorter period of time. Even if the RBI has given banks the obligation to stop charging prepayment fees on house loans with floating interest rates, prepayment fees may still be applied to loans with fixed interest rates. Therefore, before you make a prepayment, you should ensure that the prepayment charges, if any, will not prevent you from realising the primary benefit of prepayment, which is an overall reduction in the cost of interest.

Your EMIs should be below 50 percent of income

Lenders typically consider the likelihood of future default to be high for borrowers whose debt-to-income ratios are above 40 to 50 percent, as this indicates that a significant percentage of the borrower’s income is going toward the repayment of mandatory debt obligations. Therefore, to increase the likelihood of having your 30 Lakh Home Loan application accepted and avoid being rejected on the grounds of having a high EMI to income ratio, keep thos ratio at no more than 40–50 percent. If it is higher, you may want to think about paying off some of your existing debts, ideally the ones with the highest interest rates, such as an outstanding personal loan or credit card payment.

Develop a strong credit profile

When deciding whether or not to approve your application for a 30 Lakh Home Loan, lenders will look at your credit score as one of the primary criteria to determine your creditworthiness. Because it indicates responsible financial management, a high credit score significantly improves the likelihood that a loan application will be approved. A high credit score not only expands your eligibility for a loan, but it also makes it possible for the consumer to negotiate a cheaper interest rate with the financial institution that is providing the loan. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of credit or have a poor credit score, you should first consider establishing a pattern of responsible and consistent use of credit cards in order to gradually build a good credit score before applying for a home loan. In addition, if you are considering applying for a combined application for 40 Lakh Home Loan, you should be aware that financial institutions evaluate the credit history of the co-applicant in addition to the credit history of the principal borrower.

How do you determine whether or not you are qualified to receive a 30 Lakh Home Loan?

Borrowers frequently have a tendency to overwhelm various lenders with many applications for house loans in the hope that one of them will be granted. Instead, potential borrowers should investigate the possibility of employing the online loan eligibility calculator tool before submitting an application to the concerned lender to assess whether or not they are eligible for a loan. A calculator of this type can aid you in determining whether or not you are qualified to receive a house loan based on a number of criteria, including your age, income, loan amount, loan tenure, and so on.

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