Types of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an exciting concept and it has been gaining momentum in recent years as companies realize the potential of this concept. Cloud computing is simply the on-demand access of computer resources, particularly computer storage and processing power, without direct control by the individual user. The term is also commonly used to describe online data centers that serve a variety of users all over the Internet. With cloud computing, businesses are able to utilize their computer resources on the go and thus cut down costs.

There are two major types of cloud computing – private cloud services and public cloud services. The primary distinction between the two is whether information is stored in the same location as the client computers or is moved from the client’s current location to that of the service provider’s infrastructure. In private cloud computing, information is stored on servers that are located within a company’s own data center. This type of cloud computing allows users to share documents, work on applications, and store files through the Internet without being present in the data center. They can still access these files and documents through other means, such as a mobile device.

Public cloud services are built upon the idea of providing shared data storage for websites and other services that require a large amount of data storage space from a single location. These types of services may be provided by an individual company or they may be managed by a third-party company. With public cloud services, data is automatically distributed to several computers on the Internet. Users have to sign up and use the service in order to gain access to the data storage.

IAAS is another cloud computing concept that is similar to the more familiar SaaS model. An IAAS provides the capability of self-service portal access to data storage. As with SaaS solutions, an individual user can install applications that will allow them to access the data storage. With an IAAS, there is no need for a company to provide any IT support, although some form of security will be needed to protect data from unauthorized access.

A hybrid cloud computing service refers to a company that uses virtualization technologies to provide infrastructure as well as applications. Some hybrid cloud computing services utilize a portion of the company’s IT infrastructure to run the virtualization programs. Other hybrid cloud computing services utilize a portion of the company’s main IT infrastructure to run the virtualization programs. Hybrid cloud computing services often include both virtualization and centralized administration.

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There are 3 types of cloud deployment models in use today. The first type of cloud is utility cloud computing. This type of cloud storage is similar to a utility company that offers storage as a service. When you rent a disk space from the cloud, you are responsible for maintaining it, backing it up, and storing it for your use. Many utilities cloud storage providers provide the management functions that are required to keep your data safe.

The second type of cloud infrastructure is software-as-a-service or SaaS cloud computing infrastructure. With this cloud infrastructure, software is usually sold as a subscription model. Software is delivered to customers on pre-built servers. Instead of leasing a server, customers purchase licenses that allow them to use the software indefinitely without having to maintain, backup, or pay for storage on their own. This cloud infrastructure model has many advantages, including lower capital investment, larger ability to retain customers, and increased flexibility.

The third type of cloud computing infrastructure is hardware-as-a-service (HaaS). With aaS, a company does not need to buy any hardware to get started. Companies that use aaS to develop their products will pay a monthly fee to a service provider. The service provider will lease the hardware from the company at a cost that matches what the company pays for the hardware. The advantage to this is that iaas offers a more flexible, and sometimes faster, delivery of applications and services. While it’s more expensive than the other models, companies can find several partner companies to partner with so that they can eliminate the cost of purchasing hardware. 

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