The Most Popular Custom Medical Software Types for Business and Patients

Nowadays, we can easily find the implementation of digital technology in the healthcare industry. The patient data record process, prescription, communication with patient’s family, and many more has been digitalized. All these practices are necessary and not that surprising. The new technology brings more efficiency to the healthcare service workflow and optimizes it. That could happen with the application of custom medical software into the system.

There are also many types of healthcare software that have been used in this sector. However, we can categorize them into two types, which is the software made for business and patients. In this article, you will learn more about that healthcare software and the benefits for each side. Let’s start!

The Medical Software for Business

There are at least five types of customer medical software for the healthcare business. Each of them has different functions, but with one purpose, which is to improve the business system and service significantly. Here is some of the software that you can find in the healthcare industry:

  • EHR (Electronic Health Recording) Software 

This software creates a database where you can easily collect information about patients. You can get their medical history with this software, so they can get the correct treatment. This software is one of the most popular types. It minimizes the number of paperwork physicians needs to use and carry every time they check the patients. Moreover, it also has better security than physical documents.

  • Hospital Management Software

This software is an essential tool for medical workers and hospital administration today. It optimizes their daily task and reduces miscommunication accidents, which can cause a big problem for the entire healthcare service. Many healthcare institutions also integrate hospital management software with EHR software to create up-to-date information about the patients and how the healthcare institution treats them.

  • Medical Imaging Software

In the past, diagnosing the internal disease was a challenge. However, technology has changed that. Now, we can get more accurate diagnostic information with medical imaging software. The medical workers use the MRI/CT/PET scans more optimally with this software. The result is available in 3D models, which help the physician get more accurate information about the disease.

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  • Medical Diagnosis Software

Medical diagnosis software helps the doctors to get a fast diagnosis based on the collected data of the patients. It uses a high-quality AI system to do that. Of course, the doctor is the one that will decide the best solution. However, it is still valuable software that helps a lot these days, especially during a pandemic when physical contact is very limited.

  • Medical Billing Software

As its name implies, this software tracks all financial operations of the healthcare institution. It is including the treatment fee, insurance claims, invoicing, patient eligibility verification, and many more. Thus, the healthcare institution won’t get the error in financial recording, which prevents a big financial loss for them.

The Medical Software for Patients

As for the patients, there are at least four types of software you can find today, such as:

  • Telemedicine Software

Patients can use this software to receive a consultation from a doctor without going to the hospital or medical institution. This software becomes so much popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people use it to get information directly from the doctor without risking their health.

  • Personal Health Record Software

This software record patients’ personal medical information and save them in one place. Thus, patients can easily access it, if the doctor requires more information about their health condition. It also helps patients to keep their health during the recovery stage.

  • E-Prescribing Software

Patients use this software to receive the prescription recipe from the doctor. On the other hand, the doctor also can control and change the medication prescription to fit the patient’s condition much faster. So, it helps both parties to get the most efficient way to communicate which also reduces the risk of error.

  • Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointment scheduling software will create the scheduling process for patients to get regular check-ups or treatments. It uses an AI system, so patients only need to visit the doctor at the appointed date and time, which removes the complicated process that was used in the past.


In general, custom medical software is available for many sectors of the healthcare industry. It brings many benefits for the business and patients. Now, if you want to know more about the software and plan to order a similar system for your healthcare institution, you can visit You can find everything that you need from Chudovo, a software development company, there. 

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