Important facts about republic day 2021

We know that every year on 26th January, Indians celebrate as Republic Day. In this i.e. 2021 is the 72nd year of Republic Day. That is, our country has completed 72 year of republic. So let’s know about the interesting facts of this year republic day. Why do celebrate republic day ? Which year did India become a republic? How long to become a Republic of India?

Important facts about republic day 2021

For the first time this year, Rafale’s strength will be seen on the Republic Day parade.

Who is the chief guest on this year republic day?
On this year, no chief guest is coming to India on Republic Day due to Corona epidemic.

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How India became a republic country?
When india become free from the British on 15 August 1947 then, the leaders of the country felt the need of a constitution to run the country smoothly. After that, Bhimrao started making a rule for the country on 9 December 1947 and after 2 year 11 month 18 days our constitution is completed on 26 November 1950. And finally on 26 January 1950 it was implemented in the India which is called india constitution. In commemoration of this great victory, we celebrate 26 January every year as Republic Day. 

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