How to teach biology to higher education students: tips for teachers 

The branch of science that deals with the study of components of nature, living organisms, human evolution, and the ecosystem. Teaching biology as an academic subject is very helpful for the students. From understanding the nature around us, functions of the human body to more career opportunities, biology benefits learners in several ways. In junior classes, students study it in the form of environmental studies but in higher education students it’s as biology and its types such as anatomy, botany, zoology, and genetics. Teaching higher education students needs some effective techniques. Let us discuss these tips in detail which all biology teachers can use in their biology classes. 

Teach biology to higher education students: tips for teachers 

  1. Include different methods of teaching 

Teaching with only one type of method can make learning monotonous and less engaging for the students. Only following one approach of teaching is not suitable for the growth and development of the students and overall classroom performance. Teachers should explore more and experiment with different types of teaching methods to make biology classes interesting and more beneficial for the students. 

  •  Reading: teachers should not read the chapters all the time. Ask students to read the biology topics turn by turn. When teachers read all the time, the chances of students being diverted are more. But when you ask students to read one by one, they will focus on their textbooks and reading more. 
  • Group discussions: group discussions is a cooperative learning activity. It ensures that students are discussing the topics of importance well. For example, if you are teaching respiration in organisms, arrange one or two classes where students can talk among one another about the topics you taught them such as aerobic respiration, anaerobic respiration, types of respiratory organs, etc. 
  • Lecturing and writing: along with explaining the topics, ensure that students are writing and making notes. This will enhance active listening among the students. 

To ensure that everybody is doing well in different types of teaching activities, use LMS software. This will help you to maintain records of the student’s participation properly. 

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  1. Encourage participation in lectures 

Higher education students must have good participating skills. To perform well in education and later in the future, participating skills are very important. Teachers can encourage them in participating by following the steps  such as

  • Ask questions in between the lectures to ensure that all are actively listening to you. Learning biology in the classroom effectively is very important. Raising questions during lecturing will enhance student participation in the classroom. 
  • Give students the chance to come pre-prepared to the classes. It is a great activity to enhance student participation in the classrooms. When students are allowed to come pre-prepared, they answer more confidently. Also, the engagement rate of the classes is high. 
  1. Experiments and self activities 

Along with lecturing, reading, writing, and discussing, practical knowledge of biology is also very important. Several biology topics can be learned in the classrooms and can also be experimented with outside the classrooms. Most of the scientific subjects are understood better when students solve and experiment with them. In this regard, students can do the following: 

  • Lab visits can be really helpful. By taking students to the lab, to perform directions and see specimens of many living organisms, students can understand biology better. If teaching via online teaching sites, virtual lab visits, and videos can also be used. 
  • Give students some assignments and tasks which they can do at home. For example, osmosis, see the growth of a plant, check the Tyndal effect of light, see monocotyledons and dicotyledons seeds in the kitchen, etc. 
  • Take students to the school playground and nearby gardens to show types of flowers, plants, and soil particles. Use LMS software to manage all these experiments and its records systematically.  
  1. Use technology 

Teaching with the help of modern and advanced resources can be beneficial for teaching biology better to higher education students. Biology is a subject that is full of diagrams and important images which can be explained and understood better with the help of audio and visualization.   Along with textbooks and guides including multimedia tools in classrooms, teachers can teach students biology better. The tools which can be used are 

  • Online teaching sites for accessing picture cards, online quizzes, diagrams, PowerPoint presentations, and other audiovisual tools. 
  • educational videos on youtube and other internet sites. Videos, modules, virtual lab visits, lectures can be accessed here to make biology interesting for the students.


Teachers play a very important role in helping students understand and comprehend information well. To score well in academics and understand lives around us better, effective biology knowledge is mandatory. All the above-mentioned tips can be used by biology teachers to teach this subject to higher education students. By adopting and practicing these tips and techniques, successful biology classes with better student engagement can be conducted. 

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