Guide to create travel highlight videos

Do you want to create a travel video and don’t know how? Continue reading to learn. The blog has tips for you to transition from a beginner to a pro.

Videos have the potential to connect with the audience. They are beyond belief and engaging. Viewers get the opportunity to partake in your experience by seeing what you saw. Aim to create videos that connect with the audience. As they watch, they must feel like they are taking the trip with you.

If you feel that doing it all from shooting to editing to publishing is difficult, you must know its advantages. The best part of creating travel videos all by yourself is that—you decide everything about it. You don’t need approval to upload it.

Here are our tips on how to make travel highlight videos with a difference. This blog is not by expert travel video creators but beginners who would like to share travel tips.

Travel Video Ideas — Choose Yours

Although you can decide on the type of travel video even during editing, it is always better to have a rough idea well in advance. 

Types of Travel Videos

Travel Vlog

You need to visit exotic places and be adventurous to make quality travel vlogs. Look for new ideas, be creative to wow your audience. The vlog must trigger a desire in them to visit the place. 

A travel vlog is about you at the holiday destination. Make it personal. Let the people see your face and hear your voice; Tell them your travel stories. Show them what amazes you about the place. You can also make educational, how-to— videos to explain how to cook food of the locality or ‘how to pack for the trip.’

Explainer or Marketing Videos

It is an excellent idea to make 60-80 minute explainer videos. They are great for engagement and lead conversion. Your audience gets to know you better, but only if you craft it right.

You want to upload it on your homepage as a hook. It is the first thing people see. Perk it up by interviewing someone you met at the coffee shop or on the bus or train. Give them something to laugh about by playing a prank on your travel partner. You can also cover an event or reveal what you know about the place. Give them travel tips and advice that will help them when they get there.

Niche Videos

You must first carefully look for a niche within a niche for a breathtaking travel video. The travel vlog has most parts of your travel. With niche videos, you focus on details. Choose niche ideas like how to travel with kids and focus on packing while traveling with kids, resorts that are good for families with kids, kids-friendly places, or even places of entertainment for children.

Once you have an idea in mind, find enough vlog ideas and the traffic it attracts.

Travel Guide

Travel guides shift the focus from what you did to what your audience can do during their holidays. They are promotional videos encouraging people to visit the place. Make videos like 10 things to do in Rabat, Morocco, or 8 must-see places in Calcutta. Optimize the video on the search engine for more people to find it.

These are destination videos. Plan them well. You must have plenty of footage and edit it well to give it a chance to go viral.

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Create Stunning Travel Highlight Videos in Just Four Steps

Video making is simple, and you can do it in 4 steps:

Get the Story Ready

The first step in creating breathtaking videos is a story. Our brains love stories and focus on them. Gather your thoughts into one, to then make a video to share.

Why does the Travel Video need a Story?

You would have watched travel videos with stunning scenes in the past. But could not watch it through because you were bored within the first few seconds. The videos showcase a location of interest, the view is gorgeous, the music simply amazing, and that’s what you want. It was inspirational and beautifully filmed. Why then couldn’t you watch it? Because it lacks a story to keep you focused. 

On the other hand, there is another video that was well done. There is someone who explains it all or shares something of importance. It keeps you watching and engaging till the end. The time flies past, and you can’t imagine you spent 15 minutes watching one video.

What is the difference? In the second instance, you had someone walk you through the video with a story. A story is the most necessary component of a video. 

Shoot the Film

Now that you are ready with the story— organize the shoot. The best way to make sure that you don’t miss anything is to have a storyboard. Start filming by referring to the storyboard. Shoot detailed long shots, close-ups, and long wide shots.

Film a few extra shots that will help during the editing. Remember traveling is expensive. You can’t get back to the holiday destination just because you missed a shot. Also, keep in mind how your travel video should finally be. That will help you film accordingly and save time during the edit.

Video Editing

You now have your raw footage. Perfect the flow by editing. Cut out the unnecessary parts and organize them all in a sequence. It’s like you have a jigsaw puzzle to put together. Add the music to complete it. 

Here are 4 steps that you can use to edit:

First 10 Seconds 

It’s time to engage your audience. You must score with your introductory line. It should spark interest and speak of the video content. If not, the audience will click out.

Second 5 seconds

Introduce yourself and your brand; The fancier, the better. Insert catchy music.

The Next 3-8 Minutes

That is where your content should be. Narrate your story to grab eyeballs.

End Screen

You can do a lot at this point. Include a CTA for people to reach out to you or buy your product or service. You can invite your viewers to like the travel video to increase its ranking and subscribe to grow your audience. Link your previous uploads and inform them of the ones to come.

Upload and Engage

The travel video is now ready. You must upload it on your channel on your chosen platform. Once you upload it, share, optimize and promote it to get maximum views and engagement.


Travel highlight videos take much of your time and are not easy to make. But you have the potential to make a stunning video, and people need travel tips. With this article to use as a guide, the videos you make will soon achieve viral status.