Getting Into A Car Accident With An Unlicensed Driver

Getting into a car accident with anyone can be a scary experience. However, things can get more complicated when the other driver, who is at fault, turns out not to have a license. It is illegal in all the states of the US to drive a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license. Therefore, if you have been injured by such a party, you have a strong case.

One common issue that arises in such accidents is recovering damages because it is commonly found that people with no driver’s license also do not carry motor insurance. Whatever problem you may be facing after your accident, talking to a team of experienced vehicle accident attorneys in Nevada can help.

Types of unlicensed drivers commonly found on the road.

While anyone can be unlicensed, and there is no certain age group for it, there are some groups of people where it is commonly found. Being aware of who they are can help you identify the potential unlicensed drivers on the road and look out for your safety.

  1. Teenagers.

Most teenagers are excited about turning eighteen and getting their own vehicle. However, most of the time, you see a teenager driving on the road they do not have a license. Even those who have turned the legal age of driving often do not possess a license due to their lack of experience in driving or access to driving education classes.

  1. Undocumented immigrants or foreigners.

Undocumented immigrants may not have a valid driver’s license due to their immigrant status, while foreign visitors or tourists from other countries may not have converted their licenses from their home countries. Since these people come from other nations with different traffic rules and regulations, they often find themselves driving illegally due to the unfamiliarity of the rules here.

  1. Elderly drivers.

Older adults are another group of people who are commonly found driving without a valid driver’s license. Most of these individuals have an expired license and cannot seem to renew it as they cannot pass the written test or vision exam. The elderly may have a number of health issues that come with age that prevent them from getting a license and driving safely.

  1. People driving in an emergency.

Some people drive in an emergency even though they do not have a license. For example, emergency drivers can be found in medical emergencies when public transportation is not a good option.

If you were injured by an unlicensed driver, you deserve compensation. Hire an attorney today.