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CSPO® Certification – Answering the Fundamental Questions

by Umeeka

What is CSPO® Certification?

CSPO® stands for Certified Scrum Product Owner®. A Scrum Product Owner is a person responsible for maximizing productivity or the value of the product in a developmental team working under an organization. It’s the responsibility of the CSPO® to see that the product has maximum value for the customer along with the timely accomplishment of the said project. As Such CSPO® Certification makes a person eligible to lead the production and development of a team.

The majority of IT and software companies practice Scrum methodology to boost their productivity and product quality, which is why CSPO® makes for a great add on to your resume and can help you climb corporate stairs. Certified Scrum Product Owners are in quite high demand in the current job market. It’s a beginner-level course and great for building a strong corporate foundation.

Who is CSPO® for?

Even though in terms of eligibility almost anyone can do this course some rather specific traits make CSPO® beneficial for some individuals over others.

  • In-depth knowledge of Scrum – People who already have a piece of in-depth knowledge about Scrum methodology can benefit from CSPO®, the Scrum guide written by the developers of Scrum itself makes for a great starting point.
  • Agile Manifesto – The agile manifesto is a brief document built on 4 values and 12 principles for agile software development and is widely used in IT and software industries. Scrum being an agile process requires in-depth insight into the Agile manifesto.
  • Leadership qualities – As a CSPO® is required to lead the development of a project it is only to be expected for them to have a said degree of leadership qualities.

Importance of CSPO® certification

CSPO®s are a must for any and every IT company or software developmental firm. As a result, certified CSPO®s are often treated with a handsome package. People who havecompleted this course can often find themselves earning more than average product managers.

Although it must be noted that Scrum Product Owners acquire a mid-level managerial position in any organization and can thus be considered as an option best suited for beginners wanting a boost in their career.

How to get CSPO® certification

There are plenty of different organizations and institutes that can give Scrum Certification and licenses. Although candidates can opt for offline training and certifications it is generally advised to go for online platforms simply for their ease of use and accessibility, not to mention their ability to sport a huge number of professional trainers to give you the best possible training.

The training in itself is not difficult contrary to what many people believe and covers the basics of product management and the workings of the scrum platform.

It must be noted that the certificate needs to be renewed every two years as Scrum platforms are constantly upgraded and users need to stay updated on them.


All in all, CSPO® is a short-term investment with lasting long-term benefits and is recommended for people looking for a career in IT.

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