CPQ Salesforce: Business Tool Features

CPQ Salesforce: Business Tool Features

CPQ Salesforce is a sales tool that increases the efficiency of running a business. With it, companies can provide accurate prices for a product taking into account any situation. For example, additional settings and features, product quantities, and discounts are all taken into account when using the app. With this approach, your company representatives will quickly and accurately provide a price for the product, which will positively impact the customer experience.

CPQ software is adapted for different types of devices. You can work on your computer or smartphone. In the latter case, maximum mobility is ensured. You can easily view the information you need when you are away from the office.

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What is CPQ Solution?

CPQ stands for configure, price, quote. The tool is perfect for optimizing business processes. Your employees will have access to fast setup of complex data. In a fraction of a second, the software generates quotes that are perfectly aligned with customer needs.

Configure (C)

Let’s say a customer is interested in creating a certain sculpture. In this case, sales specialists enter information using the CPQ tool. The data is displayed in real-time, enabling coordination with employees in other departments. Engineers and designers review the request and clarify details, such as

  • the shape and size of the object;
  • the material used;
  • terms of work.

Moreover, all elements can be changed and adjusted according to the terms of the order. If the client requests to adjust the order by increasing the size of the sculpture, all the parameters will be updated in the application. Accordingly, the designers and other specialists responsible for the creation of the object will see the changes. This minimizes all mistakes due to the human factor since all the characteristics are accurately displayed in the settings.

Proces (P)

Using the CPQ solution, you can update any parameters. This refers to information about the discount or the warranty period. If the discounted price is valid for a certain duration, the time can be specified in the software. As soon as the promotion is over, the price of the product will be displayed again without the discount.

CPQ software also enables users to consider different transaction scenarios, for example, a direct purchase, a lease, or a pre-order. This is the way to ensure that the cooperation will be acceptable to both you and the customer. After checking the data, it is sent for approval.

Quote (Q)

Once an offer has been approved (specifying the type of product, quantity, and price with or without a discount), it can be viewed by the customer. This is necessary to verify the conditions on the part of the consumer. If the customer is satisfied, a final offer is made. Otherwise, the next changes are made.

Suppose the customer is interested in changing the delivery time from 45 to 30 days. He can leave relevant comments in the document and send it for approval. If you have time and are ready to proceed, just generate a final proposal. It will be emailed to the client for signature. At the same time, alerts will come to the sales representative and specialists associated with product creation, quality control, shipment, etc. This significantly reduces the coordination time and enables decisions to be made instantly by both parties to the transaction.

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Advantages of Using CPQ Software

Taking advantage of the CPQ solution will help you avoid many issues and run your business activities in a competent way. The software offers users many benefits. The major ones include:

  • minimizing the number of errors;
  • reduction of time for preparation and approval of contracts;
  • transparency of information and its accuracy;
  • improving the quality of service to counterparties;
  • steady increase in business profitability.

The reduction of errors is due to the fact that the necessary data is displayed in the software, and all parties have access to it. Accordingly, there are no problems related to changing the configuration of the created object, additional delivery of goods due to its smaller quantity, etc.

The time spent on the preparation and coordination of the contract is reduced due to the interaction with all the departments in real time. Sales representatives, designers, lawyers, and accountants can review and adjust data simultaneously. After approval, there is no need to go to the customer or wait for his visit. The document can be simply sent via e-mail.

The information is hidden from third parties, but all authorized persons have access to the document. Employees or customers can view the data at any time to make sure the transaction is fair.

The quality of customer service improves, as all actions are performed quickly and without hitches. This causes positive emotions from working with your company. The client will recommend the organization to his acquaintances. Consequently, more customers will appear and turnover will grow.

Pandadoc: Reliable and Advance CPQ Software

When searching for easy-to-understand, high-quality, and reliable software for your business, choose Pandadoc. It is adapted for computers and mobile platforms, which enables you to control processes at any place. The software can be integrated into corporate programs and requires a minimum of time to get acquainted with. It is distributed free of charge, which is important for small companies.