Can You Be Found Guilty Even if Unaware of Breaking the Law?

It is not always obvious which behavior is unlawful or not unless you are knowledgeable about and proficient in the nuances of the law. This indicates that most individuals could be unaware of their involvement in illegal activity, yet this defense may not hold up in court. You’ll be reminded by a court that breaking the law while not knowing it does not exonerate you. This fairly contentious regulation may, however, have certain exceptions. Has something similar happened to you? Get help from a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney

Exceptions of when it doesn’t work:

Naturally, there are situations in which this defense would not be effective. For instance, it is assumed that an adult is aware that it is forbidden to drive when intoxicated. The same holds for other crimes where the act’s illegality is manifestly obvious, such as violent crimes, armed robberies, arson, etc. A statutory rape case is one frequent instance where a mistaken fact defense is used. The usual defense of those charged is that they were ignorant of their partner’s youth and hence uninformed that they were breaching the law. Courts never uphold this.

Criminal laws have to be officially established by state or federal legislatures, and citizens should not be subject to these penalties when the government fails to give them enough notice through public notice. You might be able to argue your innocence if you commit a traffic infraction, but there was no warning or sign of the recently implemented law. We must educate ourselves on and uphold the rules that govern our society as law-abiding citizens, but we shouldn’t be pushed to unattainable standards.

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Final thoughts:

Have you gotten roped into a case where you are accused of getting involved in an activity that is considered unlawful? If yes, do not worry anymore. Get yourself a criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles, and let him help you get through the legal pickle. With an experienced lawyer by your side to help you, you will not have to worry about anything else. Just make sure that the lawyer you choose is the right one for you. If you are not sure about which lawyer to hire, start by asking around in your inner circle and settle for a lawyer who practices in your locality. This way, you’ll be able to visit him for regular consultations.