Advanced Subjects of Group of Eight

As we all know, Group of Eight are the top eight universities in Australia and enjoy a high reputation. These eight universities offer many majors and programs for students to choose from, all of which are of high quality, but each has its own strengths in disciplines.

The University of Sydney

  1. The business school at the University of Sydney is one of the best business schools in Australia and has the highest college entrance examination scores. It is an AACSB and EQUIS accredited business school and is a member of the CEMS Business School Alliance.
  2. The University of Sydney’s medical school has an undoubted strength (the famous inventions such as artificial pacemaker, B-scanner, cochlear implant, CPAP respirator are all invented by graduates of the school).
  3. The Law School is the only partner of Harvard Law School in the southern hemisphere.
  4. The School of Engineering (including IT) is one of the best engineering schools in Australia and has the highest college entrance examination scores (the core technology of Wifi, black box, etc. are all invented by graduates of the Department of Engineering of the University of Sydney; it has the second largest robotics R&D center in the world).
  5. The School of Architecture Design and Planning at the University of Sydney offers a variety of courses including architectural design, heritage conservation, building services, facilities management, lighting design, urban planning and more. The School of Art offers diverse courses in painting, media printing, sculpture, media art, digital film art, media photography, ceramics, film and more. It is the university with the most diverse design courses among Australian universities.

UNSW Sydney

  1. UNSW’s School of Engineering is the largest engineering school in Australia. It provides various courses in different fields, including computer, photovoltaic, optoelectronic, solar energy, telecommunications, civil engineering, surveying and spatial information systems are top-notch.
  2. The business school at UNSW Sydney is one of the largest business schools in the world and enjoys a high reputation in the Asia-Pacific region. Its MBA, accounting, banking and finance, business law and taxation, actuarial science, financial analysis, and statistics are top in Australia.
  3. The School of Environmental Architecture from UNSW is the largest architecture school in Australia. The school’s industrial design, architectural design, urban design, urban planning, landscape architecture and other majors are all top in Australia.
  4. The Australian Defence Military Academy, funded by the Australian Department of Defence, is located in Canberra.

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The University of Melbourne

  1. The business disciplines (including management, finance, and accounting) of the School of Economics and Business remain the first in Australia all the year round, and the actuarial science ranks the top three in Australia.
  2. The School of Engineering at the University of Melbourne is one of the best engineering schools in Australia, with outstanding research fields such as information technology, environmental water conservancy, and geographic information systems.
  3. The University of Melbourne’s School of Medicine is the first medical school in Australia, a leader in biochemical research in Australia, and a medical frontier research center.
  4. The School of Education is the largest and most prestigious school of education in Australia.
  5. The Victorian College of the Arts is also Australia’s top arts college, offering courses in music, dance, fine arts, drama, film and television.

Monash University

  1. Monash School of Business and Economics is the largest business school in Australia.
  2. The School of Engineering is also one of the largest engineering schools in Australia.
  3. Monash is the only school in the Group of Eight that has a dedicated IT department, and it ranks among the top 50 schools in the world for IT technology. In total, more than 5,000 schools participate in this ranking. It can be seen that the strength of Monash IT professional.
  4. The Law School is one of the most prestigious law schools in Australia.
  5. The School of Medicine, Nursing and Health is outstanding and has many major breakthroughs in the field of medical research.
  6. The economics of Monash has a strong strength.
  7. The school has more than 100 international exchange and study abroad programs that allow students to study part of a degree program in another country.

The University of Queensland

  1. The biology department of UQ is the top in Australia, and the biology, biology and clinical medicine, and applied biology departments have reached the world’s leading level.
  2. The fields of environmental science, chemistry, chemistry and physics have reached the world’s leading level.
  3. The tourism and hotel management course offered by the School of Tourism and Leisure Management is one of the school’s famous courses.
  4. UQ’s Mater of arts in Translation and Interpreting (English and Chinese) is accredited by NATTI (Translation Level 3) and has low entry requirements.

Australian National University

  1. ANU is a linguistic research center in the Asia-Pacific region, ranking 9th in the field of linguistics among world universities (including Chinese, Cantonese, Mongolian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Malay, etc.).
  1. Asia Pacific College is Australia’s top majors in public policy and international relations, and has a China Global Research Center.
  2. ANU’s School of Business and Economics is ranked No. 1 in Australia in Statistics, No. 2 in Economics in Australia, and top 10 in the Asia-Pacific region for Accounting. It is one of 5 schools in Australia offering actuarial courses.
  3. School of Engineering and Computer Science at ANU has a national computer base and supercomputer Vayu; it is also the birthplace of nuclear fusion technology.
  4. Other top 50 majors in the world: life sciences and biomedicine, arts and humanities, modern linguistics, philosophy, earth sciences, political science, international relations, psychology, environmental science, mathematics, law, sociology, accounting and Finance, economics, chemistry, computer science, statistics and operations research.

University of Western Australia

  1. The employment rate of the Department of Engineering is 100%, and the starting salary is 70,000-120,000 Australian dollars. Graduates of civil engineering, mining engineering, petroleum engineering, etc., are easy to emigrate. In view of the large number of engineering job vacancies in Western Australia, the local government strongly encourages engineering graduates to stay and work locally, and it is easier for students to gain immigration points through work experience.
  2. IT, electronic engineering, computer science, network research and other majors are strong majors in Western Australia. In recent years, the University of Western Australia has invested in the construction of a software engineering center with Motorola and the Western Australian government.
  3. Western Australia has Australia’s top dental medicine major, a first-class oral health center, biomolecular science, surgical technology, genetic diseases, biomedicine and other majors are also advantageous majors.

The University of Adelaide

  1. The University of Adelaide is the largest agricultural research center in the southern hemisphere, as well as a plant and animal research center. A world leader in plant breeding and biotechnology, it is Australia’s most renowned centre for wine research and education.
  2. Australia’s main oil producing area is in South Australia, so the University of Adelaide has the most advanced biomedical and laser diagnostic laboratories; electronic engineering, network engineering, and computer majors have strong strength; environmental science, earth sciences, civil and structural, geography and address sciences are among the top 100 in the world.
  3. The medical school of the University of Adelaide is one of the most famous medical schools in Australia, specializing in dentistry, anatomy, and clinical medicine, and can accept international students to apply for undergraduate programs. 
  4. The University of Adelaide’s Wine Science Laboratory on the Waite campus has first-class grape testing and wine quality testing equipment, and the school also has its own vineyard. 

While choosing a course of these universities, you can give priority to the subjects mentioned above – their quality and recognition are very high.

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